cli module

class cli.BackupJobDaemon(func, args)[source]

Bases: tools.Daemon


You should override this method when you subclass Daemon. It will be called after the process has been daemonized by start() or restart().

class cli.RestoreDialog(cfg, sid, what, where, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

callback(line, *params)[source]
cli.checkConfig(cfg, crontab=True)[source]
cli.frame(msg, size=32)[source]
cli.remove(cfg, snapshot_ids=None, force=None)[source]
cli.restore(cfg, snapshot_id=None, what=None, where=None, **kwargs)[source]
cli.selectSnapshot(snapshotsList, cfg, snapshot_id=None, msg='SnapshotID')[source]

check if given snapshot is valid. If not print a list of all snapshots and ask to choose one


get terminal size